Why Shopping For A Poetry Book Will Save Your Love

Yes you must shop for romance, shop to show appreciation, and shop to create souvenirs of love. But definitely shop for your lover's heart desire, and that is only accomplished when you shop and find the right words to speak to your sweet love on valentine day. Because a physical gift will be destroyed or lost tomorrow, but the words that you speak will echo in your love - mate's heart and soul for life. Kind of like when you have a child, and they tell you to not speak negative words to that child, or put them down verbally, because that will affect the child's personality for life. 

And you already know that physical pain will always heal, but the words that you speak to someone is forever tattooed in their heart and mind for life. And so with this great understanding of the power of words, why not speak loving, kind, romantic, sensual love poetry to the love of your life? And have that person remember you for life, because your powerful sensual words have now been etched onto their spirit, and he or she will be forced to remember you for life. Do you not want this love power from the Universe?

And my job is to help you to keep your love life going even after you say: Happy Valentine Day. And I want to grant you infinite powers through the act of shopping for love, more precisely shopping for the right words or the right type of poetry to speak. And you already know that it is not what you say, but how you say it. And so what is the best way to shop for valentine? It is to have a tangible book of romance in your hands, or a perfect book of love laying on the bed where great " Kama Sutra " Love is made daily. And the only thing that will put your lover in the mood every hour, is your great love that you whisper in his or her ear every chance that you get. And so let me help you starting today, to never have your relationship grows stale, or redundant, or complacent, or heaven - forbid - to have the Fire go out in your love life... NEVER

And so with all that said, isn't it time that you stop losing your lover because he or she keeps on losing interest in you? Or do you plan on being alone for life, or just keep on changing love partners and risk catching an incurable sexually transmitted disease? I will not allow that to ever happen to you, because I care for you too much. You are my reader and my friend, and if you're lost and unhappy, then who will I have to talk to? So you must Shop for love on this Happy Valentine day buy buying the latest Poetry Book to give to your lover after you dedicate it, so he or she will begin to connect with you mentally, emotionally and even spiritually.

And so start shopping today, so you can always make love, and live in love and harmony with your partner for life. And of course, never forget To Thank God Who Brought You The Love Of Your Life.... Your helper in love, James Dazouloute

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